Published 15 May 2004

Erik did post a couple of interesting bugs or ui issues. Following have been fixed until now:- #952189, added dialog to prompt user to save his work in composer, using windowClosing event here - #952173 changed default column width. - #951531, added decoding of headerfield - #951518, use dialog data, instead of config data to checkout supported authentication mechanism - #951522 fixed initial selection of folder selection dialog - #951528, newly created folders are now selected as expected - #952164 signature file defaults to signature.txt which should be more familiar for windows users - #952184, creating virtual folder sets parent correctly now. additionally the search dialog is opened immediately - #953239 fixed nullpointer exception when searching IMAP folders Nevertheless, there are still a couple of more critical bugs open. So, I guess the next testing release will be a few days later than expected.