Recipes with Angular.js: New Chapters Added

Published 26 Feb 2013

I’ve just published a new version of Recipes with Angular.js! with the next chapters.

Chapter 8 Common User Interface Patterns: * Filtering and Sorting a List * Paginating Through Client-Side Data * Paginating Through Server-Side Data * Paginating Using Infinite Results * Displaying a Flash Notice/Failure Message * Editing Text In-Place using HTML5 ContentEditable * Displaying a Modal Dialog * Displaying a Loading Spinner

Chapter 9 Backend Integration with Ruby on Rails: * Consuming REST APIs * Implementing Client-Side Routing * Validating Forms Server-Side

Chapter 10 Backend Integration with Node Express: * Consuming REST APIs * Implementing Client-Side Routing

Hope you like the new content! Please let me know if you have any suggestions or find mistakes!

I’ve got now all the planned content in the book and like to focus next on the quality before adding new recipes. Additionally, I found a professional copy writer who is correcting my English writing.