Team Dashboard 2 Release Candidate

Published 16 Mar 2013

May I present you the all new Team Dashboard version 2.

It is a release candidate to get things stable again, so give it a try and report bugs!

The migration guide should help you getting started.

Changelog: * I’ve replaced Backbone.js and now use Angular.js. Some of you may already know that I’m working on a leanpub book Recipes with Angular.js. So, this shouldn’t be really surprising. I don’t want to start an emotional discussion about what’s the better Javascript MVC Framework, but for me using Angular.js leads to less code which is much easier to maintain and understand. * Moving to Angular.js I was finally able to make it super straight forward to add new widgets. Read more in the Widgets Developer Guide * Data source plugin implementations are now simplified too in order to make adding new sources even easier. All data source plugins use a single controller to expose the JSON API to the rails app. Additionally, I’ve deprecated the plugin repository since there wasn’t much going on anyways. Instead I will focus to have good quality plugins shipped with Team Dashboard out of the box. There’s a Data Source Plugin Developer Guide available as well. * The counter and number widgets were combined into the number widget. This was a source of confusion for beginners anyways. * The dashboard uses gridster.js instead of jQuery UI Sortable which finally makes it possible to have different widget sizes in both dimensions. This also means that all widgets support only a single data source - leading to much simpler configuration and API usage. * New data source plugins: Pingdom, Shell script, Hockey App, Errbit and New Relic * A more fine tuned look and feel for the widgets

Last but not least. I’d like to make it as easy as possible to contribute to Team Dashboard. Learning a new framework always takes time. That’s why every contributor will receive a free copy of my book!