Team Dashboard 2 Release Candidate 2

Published 14 Apr 2013

This is the second release candidate of Team Dashboard and hopefully the last one before the final version 2 release. There are some really exciting new features in this release candidate. So, please give it a try and report issues!

Changelog: * Number widget optionally displays a metric suffix. * Number widget supports datapoints data source (number widget now completely replaced the counter widget which was already removed in RC1) as for example graphite (choose datapoints as source to view all options) * New meter widget (using jQuery knob) which uses the number data source. * New alert widget with its own data source. Initially supports sensu (thanks to DraganMileski). Should be useful for future plugins as for example nagios alerts or similar. * Graph widget supports max y-axis value. Useful if your data has lots of outliers which makes the automatic scaling work nicely again. * The graph widget has a max y axis value option which is useful if the autoscaling is confused by very large outliers * Unicorn is the new default rack server. This makes deployment on a free Heroku plan a viable option (#68 - thanks to deathowl) * Dashboards can be shown in fullscreen mode using bigscreen.js (Thanks to ngbroadbent) * Bugfix: Broken Number::NewRelic source #78 * Bugfix: CI widget loses the light indicator #76 * Bugfix: Sensu bugfixes #72 (thanks to DraganMileski) * Bugfix: Changing targets length #71 (thanks to hamann) * Bugfix: Exception Tracker Widget does not work #77