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Team Dashboard

Visualize your team's metrics all in one place.

Simple Metrics

SimpleMetrics makes it easy to collect and aggregate data

whitenoise mac app

Simple Mac App to generate white/pink/brown noise.
Wikipedia to the rescue:


Ruby API to access the Synology Download Station.


jwz_threading is a small ruby library which lets you order a list of E-Mails by conversation. That is, grouping messages together in parent/child relationships based on which messages are replies to which others.

The library implements the JWZ E-Mail threading algorithm as described by Jamie Zawinski. The algorithm is also described in a IMAP extension draft.


Columba Email Client

Columba is an Email Client written in Java , featuring a user-friendly graphical interface with wizards and internationalization support.

Timo, a good friend of mine, I've meet at university, and me started this project in 2001. In the beginning our plan was to create a decent mail-client usuable for the two of us. But as we started to open our sourcecode for contributors it became much more.

In 2005 Columba has been distributed together with OpenOffice and Firefox by the Indian IT ministry on several millions CDs (for example: here, here and here). Also, in Sept 2005 we have been Slashdotted and had an all time record of 3,233,231 hits on our website.

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