Welcome to Recipes with Angular.js

A community project dedicated to collecting resources for the Angular.js framework. You find here easy to follow cookbook style recipes for issues you are likely to face when working with Angular.js.

Latest changes

13.Feb 2015 - I've added jsFiddle integration for almost all recipes. Just press the jsFiddle button at the end of the recipe and you have the running code. Additionally, please use the social sharing links for Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and share helpful recipes!

1.Feb 2015 - Finally there's a new design for Recipes with Angular.js! It should make it much easier to browse and search recipes. Furthermore I've integrated comments using the disqus service. So, ask your questions and help me improve the recipes! Have fun and watch this place for upcoming changes!

How to contribute

You can create an issue on Github in case you find errors in the existing recipes or have ideas for new ones. New recipes are contributed by forking the repository and sending a pull request.

Where it started

The original content of this site is based on my ebook Recipes with Angular.js. I'm currently working hard to release all chapters on this website in the coming weeks. If you like this site, please support me and buy the book!

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Angular.js is an open-source Javascript MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework developed by Google. It gives Javascript developers a highly structured approach to developing rich browser-based applications which leads to very high productivity.

If you are using Angular.js, or considering it, this cookbook provides easy to follow recipes for issues you are likely to face. Each recipe solves a specific problem and provides a solution and in-depth discussion of it.